Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel | New Orleans | September 1-5, 2016

What is The Grand Masquerade?

At its heart the Grand Masquerade is an epic convention for an epic community! It’s the premiere convention for fans of the World of Darkness from around the world. People who love the rich stories, exciting action, and deep mysteries of this incredible game universe join together to celebrate it.


What happens at The Grand Masquerade?

It’s a weekend of intense activity, renewed and new friendships, surprises, and revelations. The convention activities include:

  • Meet White Wolf! The new managers of White Wolf Publishing will join us in New Orleans. They have many new and exciting things to share with you, and they want to hear about what you want directly from you, too! This is your chance to share your love, hopes, and dreams for the World of Darkness future with its new creators.
  • Lavish Live-Action! The World of Darkness comes to life through immersive and interactive live-action experiences produced by sponsor and partner fan clubs. Whether you are a veteran or a novice, there’s a live experience that’s right for you.
  • Nonstop Tabletop! Prefer your World of Darkness with more dice or cards and fewer costumes? Ever wanted to learn to play Vampire The Masquerade in its original format? Our tabletop RPG room has a whole weekend’s worth of top-notch gaming waiting for you.
  • Parties! It wouldn’t be a celebration without some great parties. From the opening night VIP event to the return of the legendary Succubus Club, you can socialize with friends, get your dance on, and party until dawn in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter.
  • Panels! Discussions! Surprises!


Who goes to Grand Masquerade?


The most important people at The Grand Masquerade are the fans of the World of Darkness—you! The convention offers a way for us to all get together in person to celebrate and share our mutual love of these games and their legacy. Brand-new fans get to experience the World of Darkness in a way they’ve never imagined, and veterans who have been with us since the beginning come home to celebrate a big birthday milestone.


The people who make the World of Darkness—White Wolf, By Night Studios, Onyx Path—and the fan clubs who keep the flame alive will all be there.


What’s special about this year?

The last Grand Masquerade was 5 years ago, when the World of Darkness turned 20 years old. This year is the 25th anniversary of the World of Darkness. In September 2016, By Night Studios, with the support of its key sponsors and partners, will bring the World of Darkness to life once again in New Orleans. With the French Quarter as the backdrop, we invite veteran fans to share in the homecoming they’ve been waiting for, and for new fans to experience the silver anniversary event just as the World of Darkness is being reborn.

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