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End of the Line


Getting on the guest list for the ‘The Line’ means that you have made it. Elusive and illegal, this club is the place to be in New Orleans nightlife. The Line has more drugs, weirder sex, cooler dance moves and better music than anywhere else. Here the rich and the poor mix with the criminal and the insane. Rumors have it that all guests might not leave the party alive. But those are only rumors – what matters is that you are finally invited!

Experience the first Rules-Light, Collaborative-Style Vampire the Masquerade LARP from White Wolf Publishing!

Tickets for End of the Line will go on sale Monday, July 18 and are limited to the first 65 purchasers.



Odyssé and White Wolf invite you to try a whole new way of Vampire larping – an evening with mortals and neonates, far from the wars and big decisions that shape their World. Explore how the dynamics of the Masquerade affect mortals and control the lives of the denizens of the night.

End of the Line is a high-intensity, low-mechanics larp, with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get aesthetic. It is played in a collaborative and physical style with a strong focus on mechanics for consent. It is a one-shot larp with no sequels to allow you to experience the most satisfying story for your character: the tragic death, the impossible choice, the unwilling embrace, the devastating betrayal, the exhilarating escape…

Who are the humans who party with monsters? Are they monsters themselves? Expect an intense personal experience, engaging with character psychology, messed-up relationship dynamics and personal horror. There will be no time to brood though – the setting is a nightclub and the larp is built like a night out clubbing. Your character will be dancing, romancing and enjoying their life/unlife!

The Line is a dangerous place and looks nothing like the glamorous clubs frequented by the well-to-do. To elude the police, it moves from location to location. This time it will be held at a closed hotel in the city center – and you’re invited.

The Line has two simple rules:

If you want to do something, do it!

If you hold back, you will not be invited again!

So you better make sure you give everything tonight.



In-fiction, The Line has only two rules, but the larp has a full carefully designed system to allow us to create its story together!

The easy-to-master bespoke rules are designed specifically to enable this particular story. All game mechanics and calibration techniques are practiced together in a workshop before the larp.

Characters are pre-written to create interesting conflicts. Over two thirds are mortal characters, many of these are ghouls, and all characters are connected to the vampire world. The vampires are all Camarilla and only a few clans are represented. All characters will have low power levels. Conflict resolution is fast, discreet and subtle, and happens without pausing play.

End of the Line will be quite physical and played in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-style. This means the actions of the characters are acted out by the players.

Players have the option to act out physical interaction in a slowed down manner and to simulate physical intimacy (always keeping their clothes on). The powerful playstyle calibration system allows you to:

  • opt in and opt opt of any situation
  • to set your own boundaries in each interaction
  • to see each interaction coming so you can choose how to play it (no surprises!)

Please note: depending on the choices of your co-players and the layout of the venue, it is possible you might witness physical play such as kissing or face slapping, even though you choose to opt out of such actions yourself.

All interaction rules will be carefully practiced in the mandatory three-hour workshop. In the workshop, we will:

  • get to know each other as players and as a player collective
  • practice new bespoke mechanics to simulate classic vampire content like blood drinking and supernatural abilities
  • learn and thoroughly practice the consent mechanics of the opt-in, opt-out playstyle calibration system

It is not possible to play the larp without participating in the full workshop. It is also very important that you are present for the beginning of the larp.

This larp is an experimental exploration of the new style of Vampire larp created by White Wolf. Collaborative style Vampire is designed to complement the entirely different kinds of experiences offered by Minds Eye Theatre.



Date: Sunday September 4 from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM. This includes a mandatory workshop, brief break for dinner, the larp and the after talks (a “debrief”). You can choose to opt out of specific situations during play but will need to be present for the full workshop and the beginning of the larp.


2-5PM mandatory workshop/briefing (3 hours)
5-6PM meal break (1 hour)
6-11PM End of the Line (5 hours)

Location: Astor Crowne Plaza New Orleans; 739 Canal Street; New Orleans; LA 70130 (Mezzanine Level)

Price: $35 (an admission badge for The Grand Masquerade is also required)

Number of Players: Up to 65

Character: You will receive a pre-written character with clear goals and a network of relations for you to interact with. The character description will be emailed to you two weeks before the larp. Human characters have interesting human stories. Less than a third of the characters will be vampires. All characters are connected to the vampire world. For costuming, see the FAQ below.

OOC Masquerade: Inside the fiction, The Masquerade is maintained. For mortal characters, stories will involve experiencing the creepy edge of everyday reality as it overlaps with the dark and horrible truth of the World of Darkness. To enable this, we ask you to maintain “out-of-character Masquerade”. Don’t tell your friends whether you’ve been cast as a vampire! Players of vampires will be given an opportunity to connect discreetly online before the larp to plan play.

Content Warning: All characters of this larp are in some sense predators or prey. Most character descriptions in the larp touch on powerful real-world themes, like alienation, mental health issues, drug use, violent crime or family violence. These themes are treated in a serious manner. If you find upon receiving your character that it is not possible for you to play, we will do our best to recast you, alternatively offer you your participation fee back. In play, The Line is a violent environment with brutal criminals and feeding vampires interacting. However,  roleplaying portrayals of sexual violence will not be permitted at this larp. There might be sensual content but players will remain clothed at all times.

Theme and Mood: This larp explores the Masquerade through engaging with hunters and hunted both mortal and undead. The atmosphere will be that of an illegal nightclub, with intense music, real dancing, and simulated drug use and violence.

Casting: The Storytellers will cast all players. Unless you request otherwise, your character’s gender will match yours. Many characters are written gender neutral with a gender specified only after casting. Both this design and the setting fluidly allow for non-binary characters.

Workshop: The mandatory workshop is approximately three hours long. It will take you through all you need to participate in the larp (although we also recommend communicating with your co-players online before the larp). There is a one-hour break between the workshop and the beginning of the larp to grab a quick dinner and fix the last details of your costume.

Please Note: The larp will be photo documented. All pictures taken can be used by Odyssé or White Wolf Publishing AB for promotion or publication, including in official White Wolf books. For photos showing recognizable individuals in sensitive situations such as simulated drug use, we will ask for the player’s permission before using a photo.

Created by: Bjarke Pedersen, Juhana Pettersson & Martin Ericsson.

End of the Line is an official White Wolf Vampire: the Masquerade larp created in collaboration between Odyssé and White Wolf Publishing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate?

End of the Line is a one-shot opportunity to visit the fringes of the World of Darkness. If your normal campaign were an epic, complex TV drama, this larp would be like an independent movie. It is designed to highlight the experiences of humans in the World of Darkness, and the relations between Vampires and humans.


I don’t think I would ever enjoy larping a human. Even a cool terrible human at a nightclub.

That’s totally valid! Then this larp is probably not for you.


Can I learn new things about the supernatural parts of World of Darkness at EotL?

Actually, yes! Even though this larp is set far from the big events of the official story, it taps from the source at White Wolf headquarters… Paying close attention to the game materials and stories will point you towards big events approaching in the canonical story!


How should I prepare?

You will receive your character 2 weeks before the event. Here you will also get access to the End of the Line Facebook group where you can connect to the other participants. On the day we will all workshop together to master the rules and consent mechanics and to explore how collaborative larping works.


Is the workshop mandatory?

Yes. You cannot participate in the larp if you do not participate in the workshop. After the larp, there will be brief after talks (“debriefs”), and players are welcome to stay on longer to talk to each other and to the larpmakers about their experience.


Does “physical style” mean I have to be very mobile?

In this particular larp, the player’s mobility matches the character’s. For instance, you can play this larp in a wheelchair, just like you would be able to go to a nightclub in a wheelchair! The expression “physical style” means the simulation level is low, for instance that players will occasionally touch each other. It is also an encouragement to portray your character with your body, not just with your voice.

If you have a specific disability that might affect what kinds of play are meaningful for you, tell us at signup – we can probably figure out something cool! Please note there will be flashing lights!


Can I opt out of physical or sensual play?

Of course! The “consent and calibration mechanics” allow you to choose and negotiate interactions. They will be covered in the workshop.


What if some player uses “physical style” as an excuse for creepy behavior?

In our experience this is extremely rare. The consent and calibration mechanics are practiced so thoroughly in workshop that it is quite clear to everyone what is OK and how to communicate about it. Collaborative play is based on trust, and trust is something we build together.

If a player acts inappropriately, they are either immediately removed from play or (if the infraction was quite inconsequential) taken out of play to practice the mechanics until we see that they have mastered them.


What do I do if my co-players seem drunk?

Most of the characters will seem drunk, and your co-players might be very convincing in their role-play! But no matter how incoherent, primal or selfish the characters get, all players are expected to remain attentive to each other’s needs throughout the larp. Any player who is not able to use the consent and calibration mechanics correctly will be removed from play.


What should I wear?

Any outfit that you would wear in an illegal nightclub will work for most characters. Since this is not an everyday environment for most of us, we‘ve put together a Pinterest board with ideas for inspiration. On the game’s home page, there are pictures from an earlier run.


This even is on Sunday night, what if I want to attend Succubus Club?

End of the Line concludes at approximately 11:00 PM on Sunday, allowing participants plenty of time to get ready for the big closing night party at Succubus Club.


Where can I get more information?

The game’s home page on Odyssé’s web page has pictures from an earlier run. It will also have an extended FAQ including advice on how to play. If you have questions you can ask them in our Facebook Group or email Juhana Pettersson at

You can read about the previous run of End of the Line here – some design changes have been made since then to adapt the larp for the hotel venue and with a different player culture.

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