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  • MIND'S EYE SOCIETY Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch/Independent)
  • UNDERGROUND THEATER Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch/Independent)

After years of effort, the Grand Conclave of New Orleans proved fruitful for Clan Gangrel.  Their Pillar Clan's status was restored and the Inner Circle has selected Clan Gangrel's new Justicar with an eye to the past.  To commemorate the occasion, the newly appointed Justicar is hosting a celebratory Salon, open to all.  

As kindred from the world over come to celebrate the appointment, a cloud hangs over the affair.  The Warlord has weathered his social punishment and rumors of scandal, praised even by his former captive, Hardestadt; the loss of Guil and the rise of Volgirre has split the loyalties within Clan Toreador; the Telyav exodus to the Anarch Movement has put Clan Tremere in a difficult situation; and Francis Milliner himself promises a shocking revelation for the Independent Alliance.
As trust withers and thrones crumble, be our guest for the gala event of the year


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     11:00 AM Welcome & Keynote from White Wolf 


  • MIND'S EYE SOCIETY Werewolf the Apocalypse 


  • UNDERGROUND THEATER Werewolf the Apocalypse 

The Rokea and Mokole of the Everglades and surrounding waters are gathering together to create a Grotto. The dangers of the area, thick with Wyrm-spawn and other horrors, are not unknown to the local Fera and Garou, and are still a significant risk.

Word has been scant on exactly where the shard for the grotto is coming from, regardless, it will need to be defended en route and when planted. Rumors abound of the dubious nature in which it was procured, but what is that compared to the creation of another bastion of Gaia’s strength?

What matters most will be up to you.


  • BLOOD & BETRAYAL IV - The Thorn Tree Pact (includes MET Changeling playtest!)
    • NOTE: Standard and VIP tickets include admission to BB4 with a Vampire character; a limited number of Changeling playtest tickets are also available.



  • MIND'S EYE SOCIETY Werewolf the Apocalypse


  • UNDERGROUND THEATER Vampire the Masquerade (Sabbat)

The Sabbat has learned of the nefarious intentions of a secret order within the Followers of Set, one that plans to bring forth Set himself.

The Regent made a call for the Prisci council to meet in Milwaukee, where the Sword was to come up with a plan to deal with this plot. They

failed to do so, and a solution has yet to be found.

With the trial and execution of former Priscus Black, new information has come to light and a new lead has been found in Tampa, Florida. The Regent has made a call for packs to travel to Tampa and investigate this new lead.

Is it a trap?

Will it lead to an end to the nefarious plot to raise Set?

Or will it lead to something else?


  • MIND'S EYE SOCIETY Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch/Independent)
  • UNDERGROUND THEATER Vampire the Masquerade (Camarilla/Anarch/Independent)


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     10:00AM - 10:00PM Group excursion to Walt Disney World (excursion ticket includes round-trip charter bus transportation from convention hotel to Disney World; admission to Disney World theme park is not included) 


mind's eye society

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blood & betrayal 4


Four centuries ago, a young French peasant girl prayed to the angels of God on the eve of her wedding. She asked for their blessing and protection, and for a loving, fruitful marriage.

Whether the angels heard her prayers is not known. But someone did: the Unseelie Queen of the Arcadia Gateway, who chose to visit the girl in her bedchamber that night and offer a choice: come live in the land of dreams forever…or be taken into eternal damnation by a terrible beast.

In love with her betrothed and fearing that she was being tempted by the Devil, the girl refused, sealing her fate. The vampire Baron Volgirre took the girl and remade her in his image. As a parting shot, the spurned Queen added a final curse—long and bitter would be the girl’s unlife until, on her final night, the Queen’s servants would come to collect her.

Last year in New Orleans, Madame Guil’s long list of terrible crimes were finally exposed. A Judicial Conclave then found her guilty of treason and sentenced her to death, but without granting her one final wish.

And what else would a Toreador ask for, but a party? A dazzlingly gothic commemoration of her long centuries; a night to bid farewells, settle some old scores, and keep her name on every tongue for years.


Welcome to the Death Party of Madame Guil, her final night. Sentenced to die for treason against the Camarilla, this is her last request: a grand party to celebrate her centuries before the scheduled execution. 

It will be a gloriously gothic affair that evokes the darkest aesthetics of her Embrace year, with vampire luminaries in attendance, each eager to use her impending execution to their own advantage. 

To keep things in hand the Inner Circle appointed the infamous La Llorona, Malkavian Justicar Dona Manuela Bolívar, to watch over her fallen colleague until the time of her execution. Why Tampa? Why this Gulf Coast city that’s never been at the center of Kindred affairs? When asked, she merely smiles. What secrets will this powerful elder reveal? Who shall she drag down with her?

Some speculate that the Sabbat will seize this opportunity to rid themselves of a hated oppressor, or perhaps steal away the Justicar who has plagued them in South America. Could defection to the Sword of Caine be Madame’s plan to save herself?

The Independent Alliance is expected to attend in large numbers to show respect to Baron Volgirre, and acknowledge his help in consolidating their sect. But rumor also has it that some bloodlines formed their own new faction called the Integrum, as rivals to the Alliance that rejected them

And then, above all hangs the curse of the Black Queen….


underground theater

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white wolf

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