Welcome to tampa by night



Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, and Changeling the Dreaming all come to life through the immersive lives experiences at Tampa by Night. People who love the rich stories, exciting action, and deep emotional moments these LARPs create will gather here for three days and nights to celebrate the passion and creativity that keeps the World of Darkness thriving tonight. 


Why Tampa? Why now?

There's a lot happening right now with the World of Darkness. Since Grand Masquerade 2016, White Wolf has been working nonstop to develop new games, events, and experiences across a wide variety of media, including a new edition of the Vampire the Masquerade RPG to be released in 2018. While all that is happening, we wanted to offer our live-action friends and fans a chance to gather again to tell new, exciting stories together. So we chose a great venue in a city that's friendly, affordable, easy to reach, and very close to the happiest place on earth (at least until the World of Darkness visits it...,)


What's different this year? 

All the LARPs at Tampa by Night take place at The Castle (also known as Castle Ybor), the largest and grandest gothic nightclub in America! We have secured exclusive use of The Castle for the weekend until 11:00PM each evening...and then you can dance the night away when the doors open for the venue's nightly gothic-industrial party. 


Who will you meet here?

The most important people at Tampa by Night are the fans of the World of Darkness live-action experience. The convention offers a way for us to all get together in person to share our mutual love of these games, chronicles, and characters. And the many of the creators who make the World of Darkness, along with official fan associations, will also be here. Together we will bring the World of Darkness to life in new, thrilling ways! 





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